Application of filler masterbatch

  • Saturday , Date 24/11/2018

    Caco3 filler masterbatch can be used to make PE heavy bag, PE liquid packaging film, sanitary products bag, agricultural film, PE handbag, inside bag, high quality vest PE bag, PE garbage bag. The PE film which add calcium carboante masterbatch can compound BOPP, BOPA and BOPET, Caco3 filler masterbatch has no influence on compound strength and heat-sealing strength

    Use caco3 filler masterbatch in blow molding, it can increase containers’ ESCR property, get better dimension stability

    Use caco3 filler masterbatch in injection molding, it can improve low temperature impact resistance strength, get better dimension stability.

    Caco3 filler masterbatch suits for 8-12 micron film.
    Product Characteristics:
    1. Improve the anti-heating, rigidity and tightness property.
    2. Remove the surface light from plastic products, to get sub-light effect.
    3. Improve the surface antifriction and antislip property of plastic products.
    4. Reduce shrinkage ratio of final products to Improve stability that size.
    5. Reduce fire heating quantity of plastic products second to reduce pollution.
    6. Improve surface printing property of plastic to reduce needed electric current under surface corona process.
    7. Provide breathe free to film products.
    8. Improve heat-conduction property of plastic molding material to reduce period.
    9. Reduce the application ratio of white color masterbatch.

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