Gala dinner 15th anniversary celebration

  • Tuesday , Date 13/08/2019
  • On August 3rd , 2019 at Plenary Room International Hall - Convention Center, Grand hotel FLC took place so many sublimation moments, a party could not be more brilliant, we look at the beautiful pictures of that night.

    Mr. Nguyen Chan Chinh spoke about the past 15 years, he shared about the difficulties and challenges that the company has encountered, but then with the determination, consensus of all employees, the company has gradually overcome and did not stop developing, he sent his deep thanks to those who have been with the company, have been on the same side with him since the early days, the employees from the factory to the office are still working day and night, devote themselves to the common development of the company, gratitude to customers and partners always believe thought to accompany the business even in difficult times.

    He also put forward the vision and development orientation of the company until 2024, the development steps of the company in the next 5 years, the company will focus on intelligence and strength, grasp opportunities, and innovate awareness, reorganizing the organization, maximizing the use of capital sources, boldly investing in equipment and people, applying advanced technologies to production and business, Building the Company to become a comprehensive thriving enterprise.

    The moment everyone enjoy the party together

    Appreciate who have many years of dedication to the development of Nhat Huy Group

    To achieve these proud achievements thanks to efforts of the staff, and especially the dedication and loyalty of the employees working at the company for over 10 years. With the slogan "Employees are the greatest asset of the company" and in gratitude to the dedication of the employees, the Board of Directors has conducted a ceremony to honor and award medals. for individuals who have been attached and relentlessly devoted to the development of the company for more than 10 years since the first day of establishment.

    Mr Tony - Sales manager of Plastic department made very emotional speeches

    On behalf of the employees honored in the ceremony, Mr. Tony - Sales manager of Plastic department made very emotional speeches and sent heartfelt thanks to the Board of Directors for being very smart in stepping up to bring Nhat Huy Group boat to sea, reaching to successful lands and above all, always care for all long-term employees and promise to try harder to develop the company.

    A duet with fascinating "Black Eyes" song

    With a variety of cultural performances from solo, duet, modern dance, water drum performance, the organizers of the program made the audience go from one surprise to the other, the staff of Nhat Huy Group very talented, not only good at singing, but also dancing professionally, the investment and elaborated work of the music performances have brought many colors and left many emotions in everyone's heart.

    Modern dance of "Nhat Huy Group dance band " has made audiences admiring with elaborate and professional charisma.

    Mr. Vikas - a longtime partner of Nhat Huy Group awarded to Mr. Nguyen Chan Chinh a very meaningful souvenir with the number 15 as a memorable milestone

    Ms. Pham Thi Thu Huong representative of the staff awarded to Mr. Nguyen Chan Chinh a gift that brings him so much emotion, that is the image of Nhat Huy Group from the early days of establishment, the whole hall has settled down, recollecting the days of 15 years ago, when the bricks the first was set up for Nhat Huy Group to have a property as it is now.

    Continue the program is the awarding part for the "Nhat Huy Dance" competition.

    This is a contest launched throughout the company to celebrate the anniversary of Nhat Huy Group's establishment and playground for its employees, 12 teams including members from the offices to the factories, create and return video clips based on music "Nhat Huy Nha Minh". With a special scenario, meaningful and potential young cast, the M.A.P team has excelled in winning the first prize.

    Nhat Huy Group's 15th  anniversary ceremony was a great success and left a lot of emotion in each individual. A trip with many beautiful memories, the members of the company had the opportunity to get closer together. In the coming time, We hope Nhat Huy Group will continue to develop the achievements, build a solidarity, unity and contribute to the whole system to successfully implement the tasks given by the Board of Directors. The company proposes, strives endlessly with the slogan "Successful breakout ". Once again, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the company's founding, we wish the company to expand and connect to the world, expand the rules. tissue works and reaps great victories.

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