16th year anniversary & nhat huy team building 2020

  • Wednesday , Date 05/08/2020
  • 31st July, 2020 marks a special time of the year, NHG colleagues were excited about an extraordinary trip-company team building 2020! We gathered together to celebrate NHG 16th anniversary, more than 100 staff members had a wonderful 2 days 1 night in An Lạc Ecofarm Resort, which is called “The Modern Fairy Garden” in Hoa Binh. NHG annually organizes company trips for employees with the aim of promoting positive relationships between staff by spending a good quality time together, as well as to escape for a while from busy and stressful work.

    It took us 2.5 hours to travel from Hanoi to An Lac Ecofarm Resort. Far away from the city, the landscape of An Lac resort is a famous science spot. It’s where you’d find lovely villas under the canopies. Just opening the window, you can see the stunning view of mountains with a clear sky in the background.

    The committee prepared some team building activities for all colleagues at the resort. We teamed up for challenges and competitions as we do at work. Everyone cheered passionately and had such a great time, bonding over amazing food and fun games. Then, NHG members had a lunch and in the afternoon, we free to explore the resort with infinity pool, free bicycle rental v.v


    Join the game together with the bright smile
    Join the game together with the bright smile


    After that, it was such a memorable Gala Dining with many delish foods and art performances from NHG members. The spotlight of the dinner is everyone was rewarded for their efforts by many special gifts. The rest of the trip was all free and easy. NHG colleagues made their way to rest, took pictures and enjoyed delicious meals together then went back to Hanoi.


    Speical gifts were given to all staffs for outstanding achievements
    Speical gifts were given to all staffs for outstanding achievements


    It has been a wonderful relaxing trip and enjoyable experience that our solidarity and loyalty was promoted! The entire trip was the precious opportunity for each to get to know each other better, boost engagement, increase the sense of community, promote creativity and strengthen our team spirit. We believe that happy workers can contribute more for the company, and NHG colleagues will remain productive and keep motivated when we return to work.

    A big thanks to all of you for making the trip so memorable!

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