5 reasons you should choose to be an Ecopack partner

  • Wednesday , Date 09/01/2019
  • Demand for woven and non-woven bags is increasing rapidly. We can reuse products many times and this is a great consumer trend contributing to our green environment. How can you select a manufacturer to become your comprehensive partner? Ecopack is your choice. Choose us, choose quality.

    Firstly, Ecopack was founded on a solid development foundation and the business strategy of the Nhat Huy Group.

    Yes, that ecosystem is increasingly being perfected including: Natural Stone, Mineral Powder, Fillers, PVC Compounds, and finally Ecopack. We want to be able to contribute to protecting people's living environment at the risk of destruction. So Ecopack was born with the mission of protecting the green environment.

    Secondly, Ecopack is proud to rank the top 10 packaging manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam.

    We have a factory with a capacity of over 100 tons per month and another factory is expected to be opened in the near future with the goal of reaching not only the domestic market but also the market. International schools like India, Japan, Russia, Europe.

    150 tons of fabric / month

    500,000 sewing bags / month

    1,500,000 thermal paste bags / month

    7-10 million woven bags / month

    Many products in stock are waiting to be delivered to dear customers

    We pride ourselves on our proven quality products with reasonable prices and fast, professional customer services.

    Third, quality products with extremely competitive prices are the top priority criteria of Ecopack

    Because we operate in the supply chain model, we are always self-reliant on the input materials supplied to the factory.

    In addition, Ecopack's factory is based on a smart factory model with a modern production line system. We have reduced excess labor costs and utilized the flexibility of machines.

    In the near future, we will apply the 4.0 production model for the entire system of the corporation.

    We pride ourselves on our proven quality products with reasonable prices and fast, professional customer services.

    Fourth, You will be very pleased to cooperate with the excellent staff of Ecopack

    You know, Nhat Huy Group always considers in corporate culture internally as well as with our close customers. As a member of the Group, Exopack is proud that we own extremely excellent individuals in professional skills as well as professional working styles. You will not be disappointed when cooperating with us

    The engineers of Ecopack study abroad in the Americas, Europe. Experience in production management in large companies.

    In addition, our R&D team always researches and develops in order to create breakthrough products, serve the market as well as contribute to environmental protection with the name Ecopack.

    Fifth, We have a worldwide distribution network and lots of big strategic partners.

    Our partners include supermarkets, manufacturing companies, and large trading companies. Currently, Ecopack as well as Nhat Huy Group always expand the opportunity for comprehensive development cooperation for partners with attractive price policies and agent policies.

    Have you been ready to accompany us?

    Email: manager.mkt@nhathuygroup.com.vn

    Mobile/Whatsapp: (+84) 906.892.889

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