casla open 2018

  • Sunday , Date 18/11/2018
  • In Group B, with the face of the heavyweight opponent, the heat has spread as soon as the referee whistle blows to start the match between Hoang Hac and Nhat Huy. Moving and straining, Hoang Hac created a match can not be better, Nhat Huy with human beings born to fight was not fed up with the counter-attack and defensive rational. The thorny match has most of the time in the competition, and finally, what to come also to come when Ha Tung Lam scored the goal of defeating Hoang Hac in a counter-attack extremely speed. At the end of the match, Hoang Hac had no chance of correcting, Nhat Huy won with the final score 1-0.

    Some images of the match:


    Two teams shake hands before the match

    The moment Ha Tung Lam scored

    The bright smiles of Nhat Huy team 's fans

    Everyone was happy to take a photo after the victory



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