Celebrating Nhat Huy Group 's 14th anniversary

  • Wednesday , Date 14/11/2018

    Someone said that a river without rapids would become a peaceful river, but the flow of time without the markers would become tasteless.

    14 years, a period not too long to write history but has great significance to mark the maturity of a company.

    Nhat Huy Investment Corporation (Nhat Huy Group) was established on 3rd  August 2004. Looking back on the development history of the company for more than a decade, Nhat Huy Group always proud of the achievements. In a short period of time, with a modest start-up capital, starting with a small business with just four members and two clients, Nhat Huy Group has developed into a system of manufacturing plants. With modern lines and technology and a reliable partner of hundreds of customers from many countries around the world.

    After 1 year of development, besides the items available before, Nhat Huy Group's strategy developed more salt white salt and Nghe An minerals. It can be said that this strategy has greatly influenced the development of Nhat Huy Group later.  Sales increase over the previous year, the market expanded to developed countries in Europe such as Spain, Italy and Asia,...

    In the early years of development, Nhat Huy Group operates mainly in trade and service. However, with the increasing demand of the markets and consistent with the trend of sustainable development, we turn to invest in production, the factory was born. Since its inception, these factories have contributed significantly to the development of Nhat Huy Group, the new products from the factory helped us to be proactive in source of goods, maintaining great growth both in revenue  and sales.

    After 13 years, Nhat Huy Group has achieved the goals set by the Board of Management. Our products range in width and depth: The market extends across continents; Nhat Huy Group has created jobs for nearly 100 people at the General Corporation office and hundreds of workers at factories, successfully overcome the period of recession of the world economy, contributing to the development of the Vietnamese economy. Nhat Huy Group is the only company in terms of stone and minerals Vietnam is represented by the world's largest e-commerce website Alibaba chose to reportage.

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