Charity and Voluntary work

  • Saturday , Date 03/11/2018
  • Nhat Huy Group ‘s activities support the people of Middle Vietnam

    As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Nhat Huy Group, in addition to focusing on business operations, has shown its role as a social activism. Nhat Huy Group had lots of activities in Ha Tinh province.

    The leaders of Nhat Huy Group in cooperation with the Trade Union Executive Committee held a visit and presented presents to families affected by the storm in Ha Tinh province. Nhat Huy Group had meaningful and practical activities to help the families affected by the storm in Ha Tinh province, contributing to the development of their homeland.

    With numerous positive achievements, we have total confidence that the company will come with more significant enhancement and breakthroughs that firmly prove the right orientation and the value of sustainable development that Nhat Huy Group always pursues.

    Throughout the development of the past 15 years as well as the process of building the future development direction, Nhat Huy Group is always associated with sustainable development, this is also a commitment to Nhat Huy direction and priority in each specific activity.

    Each of us is a small piece of this colorful and beautiful life.


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