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From providing products and services and participating in development, investment and production to planning, manufacturing and providing production with the whole world as a stage.

Overview about the Group's production chain of ecosystems

Up to now, Nhat Huy Group has experienced 17 years of development and the Vietnamese economy changes. The result that we have is an ecosystem chain consisting of member companies with exclusive factories stretching in many provinces and cities across the country. With access to an abundant and high-quality rock source, rigorous raw material screening process, and advanced technology, we have the capacity and confidence to meet all the vital market requirements domestically and globally.

Nhat Huy Group has developed in mining, manufacturing, and exporting Calcium Carbonate Powder, Filler Masterbatch, PVC Compound, Quartz Stone Products and Natural Stones. These products are manufactured under strict supervision at factories of Nhat Huy Group with prestigious brands such as Mega Plast, Green PVC, Global Minerals, Viet Home Stone, Vinaquartz, Nhat Huy Stone Fabrication etc and are exported to more than 60 countries globally.

We form this ecosystem based on the development needs of the previous units to form other companies to support input sources or develop more new & diverse product lines. Now, Nhat Huy Group is proud to own an ecosystem with six strong member companies, mutual relationships, and a shared development mission. Including Global Minerals Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Quartz Joint Stock Company, Mega Plastic Additives Joint Stock Company, Green PVC Additives Joint Stock Company, Viet Home Stone Joint Stock Company, Nhat Huy Stone Fabrication Joint Stock Company.

The growth and connection between chains

Participating in the Group's closed ecosystem, each chain of production plants or companies has its strengths and constantly develops its products independently to contribute to the overall success of the Corporation. The Group's products, from granular stone, ultra-fine CaCO3 powder, Filler Masterbatch ... and also Marble natural stone or Quartzit are made up of CaCO3 raw materials with a minimum density of 80%. Nhat Huy Group used technology to create a chain of application of raw materials, where the finished product of one factory is the input material of a factory invested in new technology.

On the first day of establishment in 2004 in Hanoi, Nhat Huy Group was established 2004 to produce and trade Calcium Carbonate, Barite, and Marble and allowed access to abundant and quality stone sources in Central Vietnam with estimated costs reserves of millions of tons.

In 2010, Nhat Huy Group expanded its marble production capacity by establishing Thanh Xuan Marble Joint Stock Company, focusing on mining and manufacturing marble and related products.

With the awareness that natural stone does not meet customer satisfaction in specific applications, a new factory was established under Vietnam Quartz Joint Stock Company in 2011 to manufacture Quartz surfaces (artificial stone).

Following this success and responding to the increasing demand of Indian and Bangladesh customers for calcium carbonate, the third member of Nhat Huy Group, Global Minerals Joint Stock Company, was established a year later to meet the needs of different industries.

In 2014, after our research and development with self-manufacturing of Calcium Carbonate Powder, we established two factories specialized in Calcium Carbonate Filler production and mass production of Color Master, named Mega Plast JSC and Huu Nghi Plastic Compounds JSC.

In 2015, intending to increase Calcium Carbonate powder production, we transformed Thanh Xuan Marble Joint Stock Company into Thanh Xuan Stone and Mineral Joint Stock Company.

At the beginning of 2016, Green PVC Joint Stock Company was established to launch a new high-end product, PVC Compound. That same year, a new factory, Global Minerals 2, was found to take our Calcium Carbonate powder production to the next level.

In 2019, Nhat Huy Stone Fabrication Stone Factory was established, specializing in products made from quartz. At the factory, we always pay attention to the smallest detail to ensure the quality of the product. With the advantage of self-control in input materials and the advantage of tax policy, we are committed to bringing the best quality and competitive prices to manufactured products, meeting all the strictest needs of our customers—international goods.

With the close connection between the chains by taking advantage of the production system, taking the initiative in input sources, and rotating circulating capital, especially the foresight strategy of the Nhat Huy Group chairman, we have affirmed its essential role in the world market.

Revenue chart of Nhat Huy Group

With all the efforts and labor in production, Nhat Huy Group proves the success of leading manufacturing and exporting enterprises in Vietnam with revenue growing steadily year by year. In 2015, when Nhat Huy's revenue was about 24 million $, the revenue increased three times after only five years, estimated at 73.9 million $ for 2020. The plan for the next five years of Nhat Huy is that By 2025, the revenue will reach 217.4 million $ for us to continue developing, expanding the group size, and making a positive contribution to the economy of Vietnam.

Contributing to being an essential partner

True to the Corporation's mission right from the early days of its establishment, it is proud of the results of production and labor that contribute to the growth of the Corporation and the economic development of the country. We feel joy and happiness when we come to the show.

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