Digital marketing applications for nhat huy group

  • Saturday , Date 06/04/2019
  • In the series of activities "Sharing with sales executive " of Nhat Huy Group, after 2 successful training sessions before, on March 30th, 2019 at Nhat Huy Group office, a sharing session “DIGITAL MARKETING APPLICATIONS FOR NHAT HUY GROUP” was held, under the leadership of marketing manager Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, the sharing session took place very excitingly and answered questions about the marketing and sales executive of Nhat Huy Group.

    At the beginning of the sharing session, everyone was immediately attracted to an interesting question:

    Who can name the fruits below?

    The colorful fruits are extremely attractive

    Most of people can only guess the names of 1 to 2 fruits, others only see that beautiful and eye-catching fruits without knowing the name. Thereby, Mr. Hai also shared his real story, when he was a focal point to provide fruit for a large chain of restaurants in Hanoi, once because he wanted to attract customers, he provided images of beautiful fruits, the number of customers ordered in very large quantities, most of them are curious by the strange fruits, but Mr. Hai could not find out that fruits to provide for customers, so he apologized to them and it was an incident that reminded him until today, he wanted to tell the lesson to everyone the same message: " We make beautiful and impressive images as do marketing, the image must be impressive and attractive, but it is also the most realistic and honest. The goods are not too creative or provide images different kind of our products will lose the credibility with customers ”.

    The sharing session took place in a cheerful atmosphere with Nhat Huy group ‘s staffs

    Mr. Hai also shared with everyone the relationship between sales executive, marketing team and the customers, taking customers as a center, Nhat Huy Group always try to provide high quality products and best service to customers, constantly changing, applying the advancements of science and technology into the production process, improving the professional skills of business associates to meet the increasing demand customers are target that Nhat Huy Group aims in 2019.

    Mr. Hai shared about the value of human resources

    Not only that, Mr. Hai also shared about the value of human resources, just like an iceberg, the sink of the ice represents the deep potentials of each, which is the value of each people, how to look at themselves, their characteristics and habits and the motivation to motivate each individual every day. The floating part of the iceberg is what we each show to the people around us, including skills and knowledge. Each person needs try to build a solid foundation, have a motive to work positively and constantly cultivate skills and knowledge.

    The sharing session closed with lots of emotions, we not only understood the knowledge of marketing, listened to extremely valuable lessons from the previous ones but also shared a lot of marketing knowledge.

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