Who we are

Nhat Huy Group was established in 2004 as an exporter of calcium carbonate powder. Nhat Huy has developed as a manufacturer from Vietnam with excellent results in international manufacturers, focusing on calcium carbonate powder, plastic support materials, acacia wood natural stone, and quartz stone. Nhat Huy has exported to foreign countries in plastic, wood and building stone materials with the whole world as its development stage.

Nhat Huy Group has more than ten factories with a production network of products all over Vietnam.

Based on quick intelligence, skilled trading techniques, and excellent financial ability, Nhat Huy Group provides customers with products and services with optimal conditions according to customers' requirements by developing various industrialized products such as calcium carbonate powder, filler masterbatch, PVC compound, acacia wood, natural stone, quartz slab stone, and quartz fabrication stone.

Moreover, based on a lot of business experience and accumulated knowledge in the global market, Nhat Huy Group is actively working with investment businesses to expand new affiliate products in the future, contributing to contribute to the group's sustainability and diversifying support products to customers.
Nhat Huy Group aims to invest in a diversified portfolio of product manufacturing projects in the plastic and stone industries for global economic activity while generating sustainable financial returns. We seek to integrate sustainability and governance considerations ("ESG") into our operations, helping to manage risks and identify opportunities.

We will wisely navigate the rapidly changing commercial environment and develop new business areas to prepare for take-off for the future.

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