Everything is simple - After winter will be spring

“Everything is simple – After winter will be spring” It is also the sharing of Mr. Nguyen Chan Chinh – The chairman of Nhat Huy Group on February 16th, 2019.

Not same as always, not the shirt, not the suit, not the cravat, Mr. Chinh wore very simply, a white T-shirt and jeans, because he said: "I stand here not as the chairman or the head of Nhat Huy Group. I stand here to share with you as a brother and a person of the previous generation”. Mr. Chinh wanted to share with everyone what he had experienced and gave the flame of enthusiasm to the young to strongly overcome difficulties, face the challenges ahead.

Mr. Chinh started a close conversation with the sales staff.

At the beginning of the conversation, he asked the question: Why? How? When? And skillfully lead people to answer those questions.


To succeed as it is today, it is not the result of a day or two days but the accumulation of a whole process. In any job, he always asks the question Why? Why is that? Why do I have to do this?,... He said that asking questions about things around, asking why on a regular basis can direct you into a new direction and help you think about your core values and your beliefs.

Asking yourself will help you have a better overview because you will know why you do those things and it all depends on you whether you want to stay the same or change.

If you do what you always do, you'll get the things you always get. When something changes, for example, asking why it can bring about another change for one person and for the whole world. When you ask "Why", you are asking because you care and the answer will form what you will do next.

Ask yourself what makes you have a better overview.


After asking "why", we will solve the problem by answering the question “How?” And this will also be the hardest part of every problem. 

Finding the answer to the question of “Why?” will help each of us understand the problem more deeply, and importantly turn the knowledge of books into knowledge: "reality". The more the emergency cases need to react quickly, the more their "quick sense" will work.

After all, the difference in the way of looking at things, the way to care for life between young people and their friends clearly reflects the difference in vision. If you do with what you see first is the behavior of short-term vision. Finding the causes, solutions, and lessons learned for the future is the attitude of those who have their own "today" vision.

Mr. Chinh was guiding the staff in finding ways to solve the problem


After asking questions and finding answers to Why? and How? It will be time to find the answer to: When will we succeed.

End of the close conversation with a lot of useful information, the conversation not only gives people practical information but also conveyed a lot of motivation for Nhat Huy Group's employees, it helped people more confident and strong in solving challenges ahead.

Many thanks to Mr. Chinh for his meaningful conversation, hopefully in the future, there will be more and more practical conversations so that everyone can interact and share.

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