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  • Tuesday , Date 25/08/2020
  • Founded more than a decade ago, Nhat Huy Group is Vietnam’s leading manufacturer and exporter of various products including Manufacturing and Supplying Engineered Quartz Fabricated and Quartz Slabs with the brand name VinaQuartz.

    NHG has our own two factories which are Vinaquartz factory and Nhat Huy Fabrication Factory. Vinaquartz factory is usually used for Engineering Quartz Slab in order to provide slabs for Nhat Huy Fabrication Factory, so we can have stable materials and low-cost-producing for Quartz and Marble Fabrication products. Let’s find out some special information about our fabrication factory!

    Nhat Huy Fabrication Factory is one of leading factories in manufacturing quartz slabs or prefabricated options for design and installation such as vanity top, countertop, and table top.

    Our works don’t end in the selection of beautiful slabs because we know the process for creating beautiful kitchens or bathrooms doesn’t – this is where we introduce the newest technology to template and fabricate the perfect fitting and edged vanity top, countertop, and table top using cutting edge technology.

    Nhat Huy Fabrication Factory is supported by a team of sales professionals, estimators, and installers with the knowledge and ability to tackle any project.

    • Located: Nghe An Province (one of the best natural stone sources in Vietnam)
    • Total area: 45,000 square meter
    • Production line: 5 machines & updating which allow us only take about 5 days to produce a new order and only 3 days for an old order.
    • Annual capacity: More than 20 containers per month
    • Using The Packing standard for export.

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