Filler Masterbatch


Mega Plast is a filler masterbatch factory that belongs to Nhat Huy Group that is well known as a trusted manufacturer since 2004 of various products.

After more than a decade of growth and development, the Mega Plast factory has constantly grown and recorded many productions and business development achievements. The strong Nhat Huy Group supports the factory's success with favorable resources and human factors in production and operation.

To have a large output of plastic beads exported to the world market (estimated at 2000 cont/year, distributed to more than 60 countries worldwide with 200 customers).

With modern production methods, professionally skilled staff, and the ability to follow any customer's packing, loading, disinfecting standards, good relationship with many shipping companies, we always supply customers good quality products, competitive prices, good service, and on-time delivery. Therefore, Filler Masterbatch from Mega Plast has been seen in many countries' markets like India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Poland, etc with a good reputation.

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The primary product system of Mega Plast factory includes Filler Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch & Technical goods (PS, TALC, BaS04...). Filler Masterbatch for PE applications (PE cast film; PE blow Film, PE Injection, ...); PP (PP woven, PP Non-woven, PP BOPP Film, PP Injection…);

Our product code system includes PP, PE 70% to PP, PE 86% stone powder, depending on customers' requirements. The range of stone powder granules can be produced: Max 8 – max 17, depending on the customer's specific needs and the application, based on quality assurance and cost.

With Color Masterbatch, the color is produced according to the customer's sample request and the standard sample of the Mega Plast factory.


  • Office: 8th floor, Han Viet Tower, No. 203, Minh Khai Str, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Factory: Industrial Park, Nghia Long Commune, Nghia Dan District, Nghe An Province, Vietnam.

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