Flexible PVC Compound for Extrusion


High Quality Flexible PVC Compounds specifically designed for the Extrusion process.

Providing excellent surface quality and output combined with the properties and features essential for each application.

Offering a wide range of standard compounds and developing customized compound on demand.

Complying with International Standards: REACH, RoHS, ISO, SGS, UL, etc.

COMPOSITION: PVC resin, stabilizers and other additives.

APPLICATION: Cables & Wires, Petrol Tubes, Sealing Strips, Soft Profiles, Garden Hoses, Fire Hoses, Fuel Hoses, Sleeves & Tubes, Gaskets, Suction Pipes, etc,...

Nhat Huy Group diligently brings you excellent product value.

Flexible PVC Compound for Injection

Rigid PVC compound for Extruction

Rigid PVC compound for Injection

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