Golden Bell Challenge 2019

  • Wednesday , Date 26/06/2019
  • One of the events to welcome 15 years of Nhat Huy Group's establishment, on June 22nd 2019, Hoang Mai Gymnasium was hotter than ever when witnessed the battle of more than 100 employees of Nhat Huy Group in the “Golden Bell Challenge”.

    Golden Bell Challenge 2019” of Nhat Huy Group is a contest of knowledge, questions about the history of the company, social knowledge, mathematics, history, geography,...

    The competition is extremely attractive by conundrums given by the master of ceremonies, made many contestants have to scratch their heads, the longest sitting people on the floor are not only knowledgeable about the history of the company but also must have logical reasoning, eyes to observe as well as important milestones in company events.

    Everyone was very eager, each person to choose for themselves the numbers corresponding to the position for the upcoming contest.

    At the beginning of the program, it is a very strong and vibrant flashmob dance on the “Stronger” song, the participants are very excited, this is not only a flashmob dance but also is an indispensable spiritual food every afternoon of Nhat Huy Group 's employee.

    Mr. Chinh opening remarks of the contest, he hoped to have more competitions like this, so that Nhat Huy Group ‘s employee  had the opportunity to interact with each other outside of the stressful working hours.

    The contestants entered the first question, with the question: When was Nhat Huy Group established?

    100% of the contestants answered very quickly and accurately, but to the next questions, gradually difficulty increasing, it is not easy to overcome.

    The shade of the contestants when gave answers

    Before the interesting questions, the contestants also had extremely smart and funny answers that made the judges laugh.

    Ms. Bui Ha, Operation staff of Minerals department, was an excellent person who answered correctly to the final question and won a convincing victory 

    The moment to celebrate the impressive victory of Ms. Ha and Minerals department

     “Golden Bell Challenge 2019” ended with lots of emotions and joys of employees of Nhat Huy Group. Aiming to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Nhat Huy Group 's establishment, all employees of the company jointly compete, strive to reach high achievements and look forward to a lot of meaningful activities coming up.


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