Green Mid-Autumn 2019

  • Friday , Date 13/09/2019
  • On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Union Executive Committee of Nhat Huy Group organized the program "Green Mid-Autumn " at Thien Nga Lake - Ecopack an ideal place to organize fun activities , meaning to help people get together after stressful working hours and this is also a spiritual gift for children before entering the new school year.

    With the idea of  ​​"Green Mid-Autumn" - We want to towards healthy activities, which not only improve collective solidarity but also a meaningful activity with the criterion of not littering, reducing waste from plastic, raise awareness of planting many trees to have a green and beautiful environment.

    Many intellectual questions have been carefully prepared to improve the understanding of the children, besides there are also active and skillful games that have been organized, many items. Special gifts were given to the children, let's look at the colorful images in the program "Green Mid-Autumn" below:

    The program "Green Mid-Autumn " was held at Ecopark 

    Colorful fruits tray

    Exciting start-ups for parents and kids

    Intellectual questions are asked to enhance children understanding


    Jade Rabbit and the children sing the song "Ruoc den trung thu"

     Mobility games require agility and dexterity


    Youth union executive committee with full of enthusiasm


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