Lotus Flower In Vietnamese Culinary Culture

  • Monday , Date 11/03/2019
  • From the influence of the Lotus in the spiritual life, the Vietnamese people have brought lotus to the culmination of culinary culture. The parts of the lotus flower are made into typical dishes, bearing a Vietnamese flavor such as lotus buds, lotus jam, lotus tea, etc. Walking along the Hanoi Old Quarter, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many kinds of Hanoi traditional food that are part of Lotus.

    Lotus in the art of making tea of the Vietnamese

    Lotus has a lot of effects and meaning in the cuisine. The lotus flower in West Lake (Hanoi) has a long known aroma, lotus stigma after being taken from fresh lotus flowers to bring immediately marinated with tea to keep the fragrance. Therefore, Hanoi lotus tea is known to many visitors. In addition, Tinh Tam Lake of the ancient capital Hue was used to marinate the king. People marry tea at night. When the sun just hinted at the sky is the earth is in harmony, the incense is very flowing. Tea is placed in the lavender and then tied back, forcing the flowers to hatch, through the night the tea will absorb the entire Lotus. In the next morning, we collect tea, Hue lotus tea, so it is pure and rich aroma.

    Hue lotus tea with fresh lotus seeds, peeled, peeled thin silk, cut the heart and then distilled with water, distilled with alum sugar aromatic new. The lotus tea is scooped up in small blue porcelain enamel bowls like “buffalo eye”, which is only a macadamias lotus seeds. During the holidays, the lotus is an important item almost indispensable.

    Lotus in Vietnam culinary style

    Besides, the lotus is also used as an ingredient for the famous royal dishes such as a salted nest, lotus rice, duck steamed lotus. In addition, there are a lot of dishes from Lotus bring a lot of flavors

    And if you go to the Northern provinces you can still feel the soft scent of old lotus leaf used to pack green rice. Green rice particles become more flexible and fragrant while lying in the heart of a fresh lotus leaf. The aroma of lotus leaf blended with the aroma of green rice is a wonderful combination that you will never forget to enjoy.

    Walking along the Old Quarter streets, you can find green rice like special Hanoi street food. Enjoy and feel your own taste of Hanoi cuisine!

    In addition, Lotus also has a healing effect. If you have sunstroke, fresh lotus leaves washed, pounded puree extracted water and drink with boiled water to cool. When the body is weakened, use cooked fresh tubers, eat each morning and afternoon. Women want to beautify the lotus petals, and lotus seeds are equal to each other, dried, canopy, drinking three times a day.

    Not only that, when you lose sleep, you can eat direct lotus seeds or make a lotus seed gruel. Delicious, good for health, have you ever tried it?

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