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  • Saturday , Date 29/08/2020
  • What is blue stone?

    Bluestone is a hard limestone that is derived from sedimentary rocks. Blue stone is a popular and good environment friendly natural stone. In the world, many countries have bluestone materials and in great quality such as Belgium bluestone, China bluestone and Vietnam bluestone etc.

    Bluestone in Vietnam

    According to the research and analysis by Belgium Building Research Institute, Vietnamese bluestone has high hardness, withstand severe weather such as temperature below zero and water resistance (0.04%).

    The nature brings to Nghe An province of Vietnam lots of precious resources. Nghe An province has a lot of rocky mountains thousands of years old, with best quality and different colours. Therefore, Vietnamese Bluestone can be processed into finished products in many different finishing's such as scrapped, sanded, honed, tumbled, sanded - honed, flamed, antique etc and its suitable for paving, garden paths, sidewalks and many other applications.

    Why choose NHG to supply bluestone?

    With access to abundant and high quality stone sources in Central Vietnam with an estimated reserve of millions of tons, Nhat Huy Group was established in 2004 in Hanoi and then in 2007, Viet Home Stone was established.

    As a leading natural stone exporter in Vietnam, Nhat Huy Group has natural stone quarries and factories at Nghe An - the center of the biggest and highest quality stone quarries in Viet Nam and over the world – with a total area of about 60.000 square meter.

    • Viet Home Stone Factory: 45000 m2

    Output: 60 conts / month

    Production line: 50 machines & updating

    Worker: 350 people

    • Thanh Xuan Marble 1, 2: 15000 m2

    Output: 30 conts / month

    Production line: Full Sets

    Worker: 200 workers

    Every year, our factories can supply a bulk of bluestone for the local and international market. There are many different forms such as antique bluestone, honed bluestone, sanded bluestone etc according to the export quality standards. Our bluestone is commonly used in Countertops, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and so on.

    After 16 years of experience in producing and exporting natural stone, Nhat Huy Group has been admitted about the high reputation and high appreciation from many partners, especially professional stone importers in Europe, America, and Australia.

    If you are looking Vietnam bluestone supplier, you can contact us directly. We will support you with good quality products with competitive prices.

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