Nhat Huy Group commits to help stop the spread of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

  • Monday , Date 30/03/2020
  • From starting to now, Nhat Huy Group, subsidiary companies and all factories are stepping measures to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, which has killed more than 20,000 people and outbroken globally since it was first detected in China’s Wuhan Province.

    " Nhat Huy Group - Together we survive". It is the sharing of Mr. Nguyen Chan Chinh – The chairman of Nhat Huy Group

    All staffs working in the office and factories wear face masks to prevent coronavirus. Every employee was given face masks by Nhat Huy Union.We limit the meeting or encourage the online meeting. In the meeting, all employees wear face masks and we put the numbers in minimum.


    In every morning, the first step is temperature checks before entering. The staff , who has below 37 degree is ready to work. Members of anti-coronavirus team spray chemical into factory background to make sure working environment be safe.

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    We are always following the recommendation of The Ministry of Health of Viet Nam. Nhat Huy Group commit to make contribution to fight Covid 19.

    With properly preparation for workers' health and safety, our production lines still working in full capacity with great customer support :

    ***CaCo3 & Color Filler Masterbatch:
    2 FACTORY 
    Product lines: 6 lines
    Design capacity : 14.000 MT/month                                       
    Product lines: 9 lines
    ***Calcium Carbonate Powder
    Production Capacity: 
    2 factories  
    Production Capacity: 30,000 MT/month
    ***PVC compound
    Production Capacity: 1000 MT/month
    ***Marble stone & Quartz
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