Nhat Huy Group launches View All By Video Campaign For Auditing

  • Wednesday , Date 06/05/2020
  • Nhat Huy Group - "View All By Video" Campaign For Auditing.

    People who want to move has got difficulties because of COVID-19 pandemic. Due to lockdown in many countries, the demand for passenger transport has been adversely hit. The flight has been limited, badly prohibited in some countries. Even though the fall in passenger transport demand is pushed by social distancing restrictions, COVID-19 may have a long-term effect on people's travel behaviour. Cuting down the higher risk of community spread of the virus, our customers prefer working by online auditing.

    Established in 2004, Nhat Huy Group was known as the among the first exporting entrepreneur’s who had a fundamental marble stone factory. After more than 15 years of growth and development, group of our subsidiaries include 10 FACTORIES entered into the Global business.  We has a proud family of over 1,000 plus employees.

    Marble Stone  including marble slabs, split marble, paving stone, landscaping stone is our first business. We built up our first factory in Nghe An province which is known as the best source of white marble in Vietnam. After more than 16 years, 2 more factories have been developed with 10+ production lines.

    By competent, dynamic leaders & highly experienced R & D team, our products range have been developed. Our R&D team keeps efforts to filled a range of new formulations and strives to develop new products to meet the changing needs of customers. Quality has always been a key differentiators for Nhat Huy Group, which has notably benefited its customers. Innovation is the second key of our success.Technically advanced production and a strict quality control procedure, well - trained employee, which ensure to bring world class quality products.
    Annually our factories welcome hundreds of customers who find us for: 

    - Marble Stone

    - Quartz Slab & Fabricator

    - Calcium Carbonate Powder

    - CaCo3 and Color Filler Masterbatch                 

    - PVC Compound



    Due to the effect of pandemic, are you wondering how to check the factory, raw materials, production process, finished products?  Understand the hard situation, Nhat Huy Group lauched "view by all video" campaign.

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