Nhat Huy 's Team building

  • Saturday , Date 03/11/2018
  • We remember about February 6th 2018, all staffs of Nhat Huy Group have had a day together with many emotions in the training program "Build a team championship". We play together, experience together, and also laugh together, cry together. The program leaves each person with an inexplicable emotion and it’s also a program that engages all staff members.


    The program not only creates a playground for employees but also bridges the individuals together. And where all employees understand each other, as well as understand the mind, orientation of the Board of directors.

    All of us for the development and change of the company: Build a team championship Nhat Huy Group, The " Build a team championship  " training program was started by a number of other activities of Nhat Huy Group.

    After the program, we are not only a team, but we are a great family named Nhat Huy Group!

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