Soft skills training at Nhat Huy Group

  • Thursday , Date 20/08/2020
  • As you may know, with over 16 years experience in the export market. Nhat Huy Group owns a team of extremely professional and powerful sales staff. And of course, the training of professional skills for employees is an indispensable activity of Nhat Huy Group.

    08/15/2020, Right at the meeting room, an extremely interesting soft-skill training session took place with the enthusiastic participation of all sales staff. Let us review these meaningful activities.

    Interesting business games for all Nhat Huy Group's Sales Person 

    1. Negotiation skills

    The members are divided into 4 teams corresponding to 4 enterprises. They will be divided into the roles of buyers, sellers and transactions with each other.

    The atmosphere is extremely hot when buyers try to negotiate a low price, while the seller wants to sell at a high price.

    Objective: The final conclusion is that the business activities are profitable.

    2. Perfect sales and Not Perfect sales

    Teams discuss and share skills of good sales and poor sales. Everyone learns and shares experiences with each other.

    So What do you thing about the perfect sales person and which skill that we need for being perfect sales person?

    • Passion
    • Professional skills: understanding of products and markets
    • Soft skills

    There are many mixed opinions being discussed, with many questions from the judges and members.


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