Team building welcome 15th anniversary of nhat huy group

  • Saturday , Date 10/08/2019
  • It has long been a tradition, all Nhat Huy Group ‘s employees have celebrated the anniversary of the company with a lot of activities and it is impossible to mention that it is Team Building activity. Participating in the activities found that the members of Nhat Huy not only worked concentratedly but also played enthusiastically.

    In the afternoon of August 2nd, 2019, all employees of the company and representatives from factories were present at the Internation Convention Center - Grand Hotel FLC to attend the program "The House of Nhat Huy Group 100 years old", we joined together to discuss and set goals towards building a strong and developing 100-year-old Nhat Huy Group ‘s house in the future.

    The leadership of Nhat Huy Group and guests

    Everyone sat back and discussed enthusiastically about the 100-year-old Nhat Huy Group’s house

    Join the game together, Blindfold avoid obstacles

    In the evening of the day, everyone joined the "Pool party" with extremely hot and talented DJ, we enjoyed playing and dancing to the lively music.

    The departments did not forget to warm up the atmosphere with a very impressive and attractive fashion show

    In the morning of August 3rd , 2019, at Hubway 11 continued to have fun activities, people divided into teams and together displayed talent in collective games, sweat, and the bright smile all made everyone shine in every frame.

    The bright smile all made everyone shine in every frame

    Every one together displayed talent in collective games 

    Every one together displayed talent in collective games 

    Closing the morning activities and opening the birthday program, representatives of the teams and the Chairman - Mr. Nguyen Chan Chinh burned the torch - lighting up the passion as the slogan of the welcome chain Nhat Huy Group‘s birthday is extremely meaningful.

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