The difference between success and failure

  • Tuesday , Date 26/11/2019
  • Mr. Chinh shared about his experiences

    The only difference between success and failure is your perception towards them, how you handle both of them. To be very frank, success is what makes you happy when it comes to you. It changes your attitude towards everything, everyone loves to be successful.

    As far as failure is concerned, have you ever thought, how do you realize that you’re successful in something? The simple answer is ‘after knowing what failure is’. Without failure, there’s no success because you’re gonna be neutral anyway.

    Both are good in their place. You just gotta learn how to deal with them. Failure motivates you to move further, it motivates you to be successful, provided your perception is clear and positive.

    People who know to deal with them are always happy. They either gain rewards from success or experiences from failure. In both the cases, they ‘gain’ something.

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