Transforming Small Into Opportunity

Over the last 17 years, we created, driven, and led the flexibility for building materials and the plastic support industry.

For the past 17 years, we have found, driven, and led the flexibility for the stone materials and plastic support industry.

Key milestone of each company

The establishment and development of the Group during 17 years from a small manufacturing company to a multi-industry export corporation cannot fail to mention the milestones marking the birth history of member companies belonging to Nhat Huy Group.

Nhat Huy Group's development history

In 2004, Nhat Huy Group was officially established on August 3 with the primary purpose of operating in the field of international mineral export.

In 2010, Nhat Huy Group expanded its marble production capacity by establishing Thanh Xuan Marble Joint Stock Company, focusing on mining and manufacturing marble and related products.

In 2011, with the perception that natural stone did not meet customer satisfaction in specific applications, a new factory was established with the Vietnam Quartz Joint Stock Company specializing in producing quartz surfaces. Quartz face (artificial stone).

In 2012, Global Minerals Corporation was established to meet the increasing demand of Indian and Bangladeshi customers for calcium carbonate and various industries.

In 2014, after the research and development process to self-produce Calcium Carbonate Powder, we established two factories specializing in calcium carbonate Filler production and Color Masterbatch production, named Mega Plast JSC and Co. Huu Nghi Plastic Compound Joint Stock Company.

In 2015, to improve Calcium Carbonate powder production, we transformed the Thanh Xuan Granite Joint Stock Company into Thanh Xuan Stone and Mineral Joint Stock Company.

In 2016, Green PVC Joint Stock Company was established to launch a new high-end product, PVC Compound. That same year, a new factory, Global Minerals Corporation 2, was found to take our Calcium Carbonate powder production to the next level.

Since 2016, Nhat Huy Group has researched and invested in the ECO-Pack factory to produce woven bags and non-woven bags.

2018: Established Viet Home Stone, a new brand following "15 years of success of Nhat Huy Natural Stone" with more than 150 containers per month.

In 2019: Established Nhat Huy Stone Manufacturing Facility in Nghe An province.

2020: Announcement of new product quartz slabs for the NHS

Industry Leaders

After a period of forming and stabilizing production, the subsidiaries of Nhat Huy Group are constantly supporting and linking to develop for the common goal of the Group. On the other hand, each unit still defines its mission & vision, develops and affirms its industry-specific position in the Vietnamese and international markets.

Viet Home Stone is a member of the Nhat Huy Group - The company has many years of experience in exporting natural stone. The company's partners include the Stone supermarket chain, manufacturers, contractors, and major trading companies globally. Currently, Viet Home Stone and Nhat Huy Group constantly expand opportunities for comprehensive development cooperation for partners with attractive pricing and agency policies.

NHS Quartz Stone Manufacturing Company: Vietnam's leading supplier of high-quality Prefab / Countertops / Cut to size for customers mainly in Europe and America.

Vietnam Quartz Joint Stock Company is a joint venture company specializing in manufacturing and supplying technical quartz surfaces with the brand name Vinaquartz. We have one of the best quartz sources in Vietnam, with 15 years of experience, Top 3 Vietnamese manufacturers, output 120 conts/month.

Mega Plast is one of the leading filler masterbatch manufacturers in Vietnam. The total annual output of Nhat Huy Group reaches more than 140,000 tons of Filler Masterbatch exported to more than 60 countries worldwide, meeting current market needs and future expansion.

Global Minerals Joint Stock Company (Global Minerals) includes two factories located in Nghia Long industrial park and Quy Hop industrial park in Nghe An province with a total area of 50,000 m2, the capacity of the plant reaching 30,000 tons/month. Export to more than 30 countries in the world.

Green PVC has become one of the largest PVC Compound factories in Vietnam, with up to 15,000 MTs/year. Currently, the PVC Compound of Nhat Huy Group has exported finished products to more than 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and America. In particular, the factory's PVC resins are automatically checked every hour by an advanced laboratory to ensure quality requirements according to international standards ISO 9001 2015, ISO 14001 2015, Reach, ROHS…

Revenue chart

Nhat Huy Group's Revenue Chart (update 2020)

Nhat Huy Group's Revenue Chart (update 2020)

With all the efforts and labor in production, Nhat Huy Group proves the success of leading manufacturing and exporting enterprises in Vietnam with revenue growing steadily year by year.

In 2015, when Nhat Huy's revenue was about 557 billion VND, after only five years, the revenue skyrocketed three times, estimated at 1699 billion for 2020. With a vision to 2025, Nhat Huy Group will become one of the leading exporters in Vietnam. The revenue target will reach 5000 billion so that we continue developing, expanding the group size, and making positive contributions to the country's economy.

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