Update the most interesting things at Xiamen 2019 fair

  • Thursday , Date 07/03/2019
  • Booth no.: #A3316


    Time: March, 06th - 09th 2019

    We’re NHAT HUY NATURAL STONE - professional manufacturer of high-end marble mosaic products from Viet Nam.

    Many customers are interested in our mosaics marble and wall cladding.

    Ms. Jane - Our sales managers are exchanging more details with customers about our products


    What’s more than natural stone at our booth?

    Let together take a look at our amazing things you might experience in Viet Nam. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

    Vietnamese culture may be still mysterious and unknown to most people outside the country. Today, more and more people are going to Vietnam for traveling and doing business. Getting to know Vietnam and Vietnamese culture is interesting and fascinating.

    Vietnamese women, for a long time, have been closely attached to the charming Ao Dai. Ao Dai is preferred by various social strata, from the nobles in the royal families to ordinary people in households, from urban to rural citizens. People dress Ao Dai both in daily activities and on special occasions. Ao Dai has long been an honored traditional costume, a pride of Vietnamese women.

    Vietnamese Conical Hat

    Non la (palm-leaf conical hat) is a traditional symbol of Vietnamese people without age, sex or racial distinctions.

    Like many other traditional costumes of Vietnam, Non la has its own origin, coming from a legend related to the history of rice growing in Vietnam. The story is about a giant woman from the sky who has protected humankind from a deluge of rain. She wore a hat made of four round shaped leaves to guard against all the rain. After the Goddess was gone, Vietnamese built a temple to commemorate her as the Rain-shielding Goddess.

    Customers are extremely interested in Vietnamese leaf hats.

    Vietnamese tried to make a hat modelling after the Goddess' by stitching together palm leaves, which is now known as Non la. The image of Non la has become strongly associated with peasant lives from the paddy field to boat men and women.

    Many tourists visit Vietnam, fall in love with this drink like they would with an exotic young new friend and then attempt to bring it back home and force-fit it into their lives. This is where they go wrong. Vietnamese coffee is not just a beverage. It is a way of being, a certain sensibility that denies you the pleasure of instant gratification.

    It has no place in a life where coffee is a “quick fix”; a strong brew you chug down as you rush to work at 8am. Its preparation is a slow affair, almost poetic in motion. You need time, patience and complete and utter devotion to be able to appreciate the brew as you watch it painstakingly trickle down, drop by drop, into the glass.

    We hope that you not only find natural stone products that meet your expectations but also know more about Vietnamese culture at Nhat Huy group's booth.

    Thank you so much!

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