Vision - Mission


To spread the value of labor joy and optimism to the group's employees and all customers in the international industry.


To become a sustainable brand, a leading manufacturer & exporter globally with a diverse range of industrial products for people and global businesses.


From the early days of its establishment, Nhat Huy Group has always considered core values a guideline for all activities. Those principles guide our internal conduct within the group and customer relationships. These Core Values help support our vision, shape our culture, and represent us as a professional corporation:

1. The spirit of persistence is rooted in the very values of industrial production.
- Persevering spirit in each historical milestone: Starting from the stone powder factory in Nghe An, with business strategies and a persistent core of not giving up, until now, Nhat Huy Group has expanded its scale. Manufacturing and trading with ten factories in 2 fields of building materials and plastic industry auxiliary.
- Persevering spirit in the culture of creativity and learning: Promote a culture of creativity and dedication, cooperation & sharing to promote industrial values.
- Perseverance through action turns challenges into opportunities: Confronting adversity, asserting through the industry. Despite the unprecedented uncertain times, Nhat Huy Group has always shown a persistent attitude, a spirit of determination, voluntariness, and the ability to adapt quickly to unpredictable market fluctuations and epidemics.

2. The spirit of working on the principle of win-win: At Nhat Huy Group, the cooperative attitude from both parties based on the code of Win-Win (win-win) is an essential principle in the spirit of working at the office. Like when dealing with customers. Win-Win ensures more sustainable cooperation results. In addition, NHG's factories are primarily located in Nghe An and Phu Tho industrial zones, creating jobs for thousands of workers and fostering the local economy. We continue to develop this mutually beneficial exchange despite the difficulties of the Covid-19 epidemic, making it difficult for domestic and foreign personnel and experts to move and trade between countries.

3. Environmental protection spirit: Respect and protect the environment through production methods applying advanced technology to create quality & safe products, reduce emissions, green transition, etc.

4. Community sharing spirit: Nhat Huy always shares business benefits by accompanying the community in social volunteering activities, contributing to building a civilized and good society.

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