Year - end celebrations 2018 of Nhat Huy Group

  • Wednesday , Date 23/01/2019
  • On 19th and 20th January 2019, Nhat Huy Group‘s series of events were taken place successfully.

    On the evening of January 19th 2019, Nhat Huy Group's summation program 2018 was taken place at Almaz International Cuisine and Convention Center, with the participation of the leaders, staffs of Nhat Huy Group and the leaders, typical employees of subsidiaries and lots of special guests.

    Nhat Huy Group summation program 2018 was taken place at Almaz International Cuisine and Convention Center

    In 2018, thanks to the efforts and contributions of employees, Nhat Huy Group achieved many remarkable achievements. At the ceremony, Mr Nguyen Chan Chinh - Chairman of Nhat Huy Group recognized the efforts of employees in the last year, and gave the development orientation of the company in the spirit of the positive results achieved, aiming to achieve the growth plan of revenue and maintain its position in 2019.

    Mr Nguyen Chan Chinh - Chairman of Nhat Huy Group made a speech at the ceremony

    The Chairman acknowledged the contributions of individuals and collectives in making the success of Nhat Huy Group in the last year, at the Year – end celebrations, Mr Chinh had awarded the certificate for 8 prospective individuals, 13 employees, 6 leaders and 4 departments had excellent achievements in 2018.

     The Chairman awarded the certificate for individuals and collectives had excellent achievements in 2018

    Some images of the year - end celebrations

    The event of the Nhat Huy Group summation also became more meaningful with the program “Tao Quan Ve Troi“- the first season, with large scale for all employees of Nhat Huy Group. With the professional performance and talent of 7 teams, the judges found the best team to give 01 first prize, 01 second prize, 01 third prize. The contest was taken place successfully, over all, it created a relaxing space, creating a bridge connecting the collective spirit for all employees working at Nhat Huy Group, thereby integrating the report of each department's activities in 2018 under a funny and witty.

    The first prize belongs to Filler department with the impressive performance: Plastic Apple

    Eco's team won the second prize with creative Ecofriendly fashion show 

    With M.A.P dance and extremely convincing interpretation, the alliance department won the third prize

    Not only that, on the morning of January 20th, Nhat Huy Group Football Open Cup 2019 for the 7th time was held at Long Bien football field. Nhat Huy Group Football Open Cup 2019 is an exciting playground of cadres, and officials of Nhat Huy Group. There, the players and the audience were satisfied with the ball and highlight the criteria "Play to connect - Play to enjoy". The championship was awarded to Mega factory with score 7-1 before the Nhat Huy Group office’s team, a completely convincing victory.

    Nhat Huy Group Football Open Cup 2019

    The championship belongs to Mega Plast JSC

    The fans of Nhat Huy Group Football club

    At noon the same day, an intimate party between the teams and the fans of Nhat Huy Group was took place in a very cozy atmosphere at Huong Que Culinary Garden, it’s an opportunity for everyone to exchange and share the joys in work as well as in life. This is also the last activity to close the chain of extremely meaningful activities of Nhat Huy Group, waiting for a booming year of Nhat Huy Group in 2019.

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